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 Research Reports

Each year BRANZ invests the Building Research Levy in research as part of our vision to inspire the industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders. 

Outputs and results from this research is transformed into a technical research report which may be used by the industry as an information resource.

The reports below reflect research done by BRANZ and external independent providers which are funded by the levy. 

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 Research Reports

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The relationship between fire severity and time equivalence , SR314

The role of ventilation in managing moisture inside New Zealand homes, SR341

The SCIRT Innovation Project

The selection and hygro-thermal modelling of new New Zealand dwellings (pilot), SR361

The use of the cone calorimeter for determining the hazard of building materials and contents in fire, SR063

The value of sustainability - costs and benefits of sustainability and resilience features in houses, SR346

The value of sustainability: An investigation into barriers and enablers for solar power in New Zealand, SR353

The vibration performance of timber floors, SR079

The weathertightness of flashing downturns, SR332

Thermal performance of buildings with heavy walls, SR108

Timber corrosion test methodology, SR244

Timeline for incipient fire development, SR194

Torsional response of house subfloor systems, SR105

Towards carbon-neutral and climate adapted domestic buildings, SR150

Towards zero net energy schools, ER25

Transpired solar collectors - results of a field trial, SR167

Trends in new residential construction in Auckland, SR307

Two-directional cyclic racking of corner curtain wall glazing, SR044

Two-year field exposure corrosion results, SR213

Understanding Resource Consent Issues, ER44