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 Research Reports

Each year BRANZ invests the Building Research Levy in research as part of our vision to inspire the industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders. 

Outputs and results from this research is transformed into a technical research report which may be used by the industry as an information resource.

The reports below reflect research done by BRANZ and external independent providers which are funded by the levy. 

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 Research Reports

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B-RISK 2013 software benchmarking examples, SR292

B-RISK 2016 user guide and technical manual, SR364

B-RISK user guide and technical manual, SR282

Background to DZ 4226 Draft New Zealand Standard: Design for fire safety, SR009

Base isolation of low rise light and medium-weight buildings, SR156

Base isolation of low-rise buildings using synthetic liners, SR177

Base isolation of plant items in buildings, SR209

BEES Part 2 Appendices to final report, SR297/2

BEES Executive Summary, SR297/1ES

BEES Part 1 Final Report, SR297/1

Behaviour of annealed glass under simulated human impact, SR041

Behaviour of light timber-framed floors subjected to fire attack from above, SR117

Better Acoustically Performing Structural Connections, ER1

Bio-derived polymers and composites, SR192

Bottom plate anchors under NZS3604:1999, SR125

Bracing ratings for non-proprietary bracing walls, SR305

BRANZ 2010 House Condition Survey - condition comparison by tenure, SR264

BRANZ House condition survey (2000), SR091

BRANZ test and evaluation method EM3-V2 for bracing rating of walls to NZS 3604, SR131

BRANZ test and evaluation method EM3-V3 for bracing rating of walls to NZS 3604, SR220