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 Research Reports

Each year BRANZ invests the Building Research Levy in research as part of our vision to inspire the industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders. 

Outputs and results from this research is transformed into a technical research report which may be used by the industry as an information resource.

The reports below reflect research done by BRANZ and external independent providers which are funded by the levy. 

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 Research Reports

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Residential New Zealand fire statistics - part 1 - initial analysis, SR222

Residential New Zealand fire statistics - part 2 - two-level event tree analysis, SR223

esidential water end use literature survey, SR149

Residential water tariffs in New Zealand, SR413

Retrofit performance measurement of Kotuku Apartments, SR369

Retrofitting insulation in residential properties, ER32

Retrofitting of houses to resist extreme wind events, SR187

Review of how life cycle assessment is used in international building environmental rating tools - issues for consideration in N

Review of how Life Cycle Assessment is used in International Building Environmental Rating Tools, SR272

Review of the BRANZ Green Home Scheme, SR134

Revised Legal Frameworks for Ownership and Use of Multi-dwelling Units, ER23

Revisiting concrete ground floor slabs, SR340

Rigid sheathing and airtightness in New Zealand, SR299

Rigid sheathing and pressure equalisation in New Zealand, SR298

Roadmap for supporting innovation in the New Zealand Construction Sector, ER11

Seismic effects of structural irregularity of light timber-framed buildings, SR404

Seismic Improvement of Loadbearing Unreinforced Masonry Cavity Walls, ER3

Seismic performance of brick veneer houses, SR204

Seismic performance of brick veneer houses - phase 1 - cyclic and elemental testing of clay brick veneer construction, SR189

Seismic performance of brick veneer houses - phase 2 - shake table tests on a clay brick veneer specimen, SR190