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Reviewing your waste reduction efforts and your completed REBRI Waste Management Plan at the end of the project to help you learn from your experience and give you a better start for your next project.

Consider involving staff, contractors, designers and the client in discussing and finding solutions to any problems that were encountered.

Questions to ask include:

  • Did you reach your percentage targets set at the beginning of the project in the waste management plan? Where intended targets were met, consider setting more ambitious targets for the next project.
  • How much money did you save by reducing waste?
  • How much material was diverted from landfill and cleanfill?
  • What worked well and what didn't?
  • Was it all worth it?

Did you encounter any problems such as:

  • irregular or inconsistent record-keeping
  • bin contamination
  • inadequate storage facilities
  • trouble estimating waste quantities
  • reduced staff motivation as the project progressed?

Identify any problems and try and work out reasons for them:

  • Was your staff training adequate?
  • Were your separation storage bins well placed for protection and convenience?
  • What sorts of materials were incorrectly placed in the bins?
  • What sort of materials were wasted and why?

Add your ideas about strengths, weaknesses and suggested actions to the REBRI Waste Management Plan.

Spread the word!

  • Tell us about your project so we can include a case study on our website.
  • Publicise your successes in waste reduction and resource efficiency when marketing your services.
  • Advertise in trade newspapers and websites, including
  • Provide information on your successes for articles in design and construction newsletters and magazines.
  • Join the Enviro-Mark®NZ programme for external accreditation of your environmental management.
  • Join industry organisations such as the Waste Management Institute of New Zealand, Demolition Contractors Association and the Sustainable Business Network to network with peers.

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