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What many people don't realise is the cost associated with waste disposal.

The true cost of material wastes = purchase price + transportation costs + handling + storage costs + disposal costs + waste levy + loss of salvage revenue.

Click here to open the REBRI Resource Routing Calculator
This version of the calculator is compatible with MS Excel 2007 and Excel 2003.

The REBRI Resource Routing Calculator allows you to calculate the economic value of sending up to 12 different waste streams to landfill or to a reclamation facility, depending upon the input of a number of factors such as cost of transport, cost of skip hire, value of material, weight/amount of material, amount of contaminants, and so on.

The tool differentiates on the basis of the economic value of the resource - not the environmental or social value - but there is an option for valuing environmental benefits that may accrue from diverting any material stream from landfill.

How to use the REBRI Resource Routing Calculator

  • Allocate a tab for up to 12 types of waste material (for example, different materials or different types of the same material e.g. plastic).
  • Start at Material 1 (the first worksheet) and fill in the grey cells for a particular material waste. Instructions for each cell are available beside the grey cells. You can change the sheet name to be the material name if you wish. Move on to the next tab for the second waste material, and so on.
  • When all sheets (for up to 12 material types) have been completed, you can view the total results on the 'Summary' sheet.