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  LCAQuick and Green Star

The building environmental rating tool Green Star - Design & As Built v1.0 has a credit (19A) that recognises use of life cycle assessment in design.

LCAQuick can be used in support of a submission for the points available under credit 19A. LCAQuick should be used in conjunction with the New Zealand Green Building Council tool called "19A_life-cycle-assessment-calculator-NZ v1.0 (available at 

An indicative process for undertaking the assessment is:

  1. A reference building (against which the designed building will be compared) must be agreed with NZGBC. This may be a reference building embedded in LCAQuick, or your own defined reference building.
  2. Undertake the evaluation of the designed building against the reference building in LCAQuick. Guidance on training and support is provided here
  3. Copy the results of the LCAQuick assessment (in the Green Star worksheet) into the corresponding tables in the NZGBC calculator tool. The NZGBC calculator tool indicates the potential points available based on the LCAQuick assessment.
  4. Complete an LCAQuick report template available here, to provide the required documentation. This is an editable pdf document, in which you provide design specific information (all other information is pre-populated).
  5. Submit the completed report template, completed NZGBC calculator tool and completed LCAQuick file in support of your submission.