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Introduction to the Information section Information.png

This section sets out who are the intended users of the framework and how they can interact with and contribute to it.

The following study reports, which provide further information, are also available for download:

• BRANZ SR349 study report, which provides an overview of the framework and the resources within it.
• BRANZ SR351 study report, which provides information about how datasheets (available in the Data section) have been derived.

All available study reports on LCA and the framework can be accessed here.

Who is the framework for?

The framework is aimed at three stakeholder groups:

  • Manufacturers and importers of construction materials and products, and their sector bodies/trade associations (Stakeholder Group 1) 
  • Architects, designers, structural engineers, specifiers, quantity surveyors, other design professionals, and their clients, involved in evaluating building designs using carbon footprinting or LCA (Stakeholder Group 2).
  • Building environmental rating tool providers, for example, the New Zealand Green Building Council and the International Living Futures Institute (Stakeholder Group 3) are increasingly recognising building LCA in their rating tools.  Since requirements can change over time, we do not provide specific information here.  For futher information, please visit their respective websites ( and respectively)

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Supporting study reports

This section lists all available study reports that have been published concerning LCA and the framework.
SR351, New Zealand whole-building whole-of-life framework: Development of datasheets to support building life cycle assessment  
SR350, New Zealand whole-building whole-of-life framework: Development of reference office buildings for use in early design 
SR349, New Zealand whole-building whole-of-life framework: An overview 
SR293, New Zealand Whole Building Whole of Life Framework: Life Cycle Assessment-based Indicators
SR276, New Zealand whole building whole of life assessment plan - key features
SR275, New Zealand whole building whole of life assessment plan
SR272, Review of how Life Cycle Assessment is used in International Building Environmental Rating Tools - Issues for Consideration in New Zealand
SR271, Evaluation of Environmental Choice New Zealand as a best practice ecolabel and comparison with the GBCA framework