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  LCAQuick - Office

LCA is currently new to many involved in building design. Since its benefits are largely untested in New Zealand, design teams (and their clients) may be reluctant to invest time and resources in its application. This provides a disincentive for its application. LCAQuick Office.png

In order to help overcome this and other potential barriers, BRANZ has developed LCAQuick - Office, a free tool in Microsoft Excel for ease of use, supported by YouTube training videos and a Help facility.
The main purpose of LCAQuick - Office is to provide a resource that helps those involved in design of buildings to better understand what LCA is, what its outputs are, how to incorporate LCA into workflows and how to use it in design. BRANZ has sought to make LCAQuick - Office easy to use and provide useful analysis for early design, without the user needing to invest significant time, resource and cost.

You can download the version of LCAQuick - Office that most closely meets your needs based on:

  • Where the building project is located.
  • The form of data entry intended for the building materials (from a BIM model or using square metre rates).
  • With our reference office buildings (for use as comparators) or without (if you want to produce your own reference office building(s). 

Simply follow the flow chart below to ascertain which version of LCAQuick - Office is most suitable for your needs.

LCA Quick choice.png  
Click on the letter below when following the chart:

PLEASE NOTE: Due to continuous updates of our data, you will be requested to provide your email address before download. This will enable us to send you the current version. 

A, BIM Auckland with reference
B, BIM Auckland with no reference
C, m2 Auckland with reference
D, m2 Auckland with no reference
E, BIM Wellington with reference
F, BIM Wellington with no reference
G, m2 Wellington with reference
H, m2 Wellington with no reference
I, BIM Christchurch with reference
J, BIM Christchurch with no reference
K, m2 Christchurch with reference
L, m2 Christchurch with no reference

LCAQuick - Office has the following scope:

  • It is only available in Microsoft Excel.
  • If is focussed on concept and preliminary design stages (it considers building structure and envelope, as well as energy and water use).
  • It is focussed on office buildings, these being buildings that are entirely offices or are significantly offices with other commercial.
  • Reference buildings in LCAQuick - Office are for offices and offices with other commercial with a GFA of 1500 m2 or greater.

Inputs to LCAQuick - Office

LCAQuick - Office takes the following inputs for a new building design project:

  • Headline information about the project, such as building or project name, project number and GFA.
  • Material quantities for the structure and envelope, based on two forms of data entry (Rates Version or BIM Version). It is important that the Schedule of Quantities is as accurate as possible. The SR350 study report provides guidance on the level of development required for BIM objects. YouTube video tutorials are also available to help with constructing a BIM model in order to obtain accurate material quantities.
  • Results of energy modelling, for example, defaults provided in the module B6 datasheet. 
  • An estimate of water consumption (defaults are provided in the module B7 datasheet ).

How to use LCAQuick - Office

This section lists YouTube training videos for help with getting started with LCAQuick - Office.
[List videos here]

For queries not covered by the YouTube video tutorials, please check our LinkedIn forum where we post answers to frequently asked questions.

If this still doesn't help you, please email us with your query.