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  House condition

The results from the condition assessments of different features of the house show the owned housing stock was typically and consistently in a better condition than rental houses, both inside and out (Figure 2). 

Condition in owned and rented houses.jpg 

Figure 2. Proportion of features in poor or serious condition in owned and rented houses [Source: BRANZ House Condition Survey 2015/16]. 

The House Condition Survey also includes an assessment of how well maintained the property was overall. Again the results show rentals to be in a poorer state of repair than owner-occupied houses. Rentals were twice as likely to be considered poorly maintained, while twice the proportion of owned properties were considered well-maintained overall. However, owned and tenanted properties were both in a better state of repair than in 2010. 

Assessed level of maintenance.jpg 

Ventilation and moisture control
Mould and damp
Comparing 2015 results with 2010
2015 survey report and Warm, dry, healthy report

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