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Click on the links below to read/download copies of Guideline published from 2009 to 2004 - if you would like a copy of an earlier issue, please contact


December 2009 It's Christmas time again, LCA analysis tool, Maintenance, Parting words from Eddie Bruce (the voice of the BRANZ helpline), Wet area membranes, Alternative solutions using BRANZ Appraisals to support compliance, Area:perimeter ratio = simple maths, Sliding and bifold doors, H1 compliance, BRANZ seminars 2010 - Passive Fire.

November 2009 H1 and masonry thermal mass, More on stone veneers, Plywood flooring, Recladding walls and Building Code insulation requirements, Insulating walls where there is no wall underlay, Edge detailing to timber flooring in a wet area splash zone, Subfloor ventilation requirements, Another tool for designers, BRANZ seminars 2009.

October 2009 Build index updated, Maintenance planned, Weatherboard fixing, Waterproof deck/wall junctions, Roof cladding replacements, Top of cavity, NZS 4218:2009, Deck joist size selection, Stone veneers, Slabs on ground, BRANZ Seminars 2009.

September 2009 Mind the gap... again, Manufacturers' instructions, Foil-backed plasterboard, Material origins, Wall cladding performance, Cavity closures and drip edges, External waterproofing membrane durability, BRANZ Weathertight Solutions Volume 4 Roofing - clarification, BRANZ Seminars 2009.

August 2009 H1 schedule method and partially heated floors, BRANZ Weathertight Solution Volume 4 - Roofing, H1 BPI, Doing our sums, A reflection from 'Guideline'  April 2004, BRANZ Seminars 2009.

July 2009 SDI and SFI, What goes here?, NZS4218:2009, Appraisal validity, ALF 3.2, ALF 3.1, ALF climate files, Downlights again, BRANZ Seminars 2009, CITE set to return.

June 2009 Determinations, Curing, Flexible flashing tapes, Timber fixings in enclosed framing, Is it cost-effective to insulate?, Where should renovation effort be focussed?, Plywood cladding, BRANZ Seminars 2009. 

May 2009 Supplementary protection to cut surfaces of treated timber, AS/NZS 1170, Skillion roof timber ceiling batten treatment, Windows and drained and vented cavities, LRV, Stair dimensions, Ground clearances for timber slatted decks, Suitable decking timbers, BRANZ Lanscape construction book, New from BRANZ Publishing, Historical construction details - send us your details, BRANZ Seminars 2009.

April 2009 Thermal break to steel framing, Potable water supply, New from BRANZ, Air seals using sealant, On the lookout, Alternative Solutions to E2, BRANZ Seminars 2009.

March 2009 Flashing Details, Uninsulated R-value, Veranda post anchorage, From Feb 09 Guideline, NZS 3604 Tables 8.2, New Lintels and beams calculation tool software, BRANZ Seminars.

February 2009 Mind the gap, Vertical shiplap cladding, Standards and compliance document references, Old ALF 3.1, New Lintels and beams calculation software, Is a consent required for weatherthightness remediation? BRANZ Seminars 2009.

January 2009 Joints in top plates, Polystyrene R-values, ALF and the H1 BPI, Tested, Bottom plates and a DPC, Roof fixing, Changes to work not requiring a consent, Govt3 programme, BRANZ Helpline, BRANZ Seminars 09 - Water Efficiency.


December 2008 New BRANZ design tool, Materials origin, Beware of what you read on the web, Design tools, Key issues raised in Guildeline in 08, Where do BRANZ publications fit, It's Christmas time again.

November 2008 BRANZ H1 Support Page updated, Bracing element fixings, Those little spaces in wall framing, Timber grade of 140 x 35 mm top plates clarification, Definition of 'structural' grades (of timber), Installation of rigid under-floor insulation, BRANZ appraisals teams, BRANZ Seminars.

October 2008 DBH clarifies reroofing consent requirements (reproduced from Code words 30), When does the Building Code minimum durability period begin?, Is a deck a building?, Timber floor overlays to concrete slabs , Fixing internal H3.2 timber, Lapped joints in window head flashings, Roof slopes , BRANZ seminars.

September 2008 Thermal mass amendment, Mould warning, retirement, H1 and E3 and Mixed construction, Housing affordability - something to consider, Pipe penetrations through cladding, New publications from BRANZ, BRANZ seminars.

July 2008 Brick veneer cavities - their function, Designers you need to do you home work, Importance of record keeping for builders, Design tools, Slab edge details, Asbestos claddings, New voice, BRANZ Seminars.

June 2008 Insulation installation - quality is bloody important, Wall area definition for thermal design, Definitions, R-value of a meter box, Subfloor foil durability, Open subfloors, New publications from BRANZ, Withdrawn bulletin, BRANZ Seminars.

May 2008 IGUs, Grade of 140 x 45 top plates, Wall cladding weathertightness, Bracing, Durability requirement for pergola framing, Laying timber over concrete, Brick sill overhang, BRANZ Seminars.

April 2008 Questions from the March 08 Guideline, Less well known Building Code Clauses, Using polythene (polyethylene) as temporary cladding, Key reference documents for designers, Stucco, From the archives, New publications from BRANZ, BRANZ Seminars.

March 2008 Finished floor heights, Fire alarms to NZS4512, Wall underlay, BRANZ ALF 3.2, Good site records are cheap insurance, BRANZ Seminars 2008, CITE Courses, Vacancy.

February 2008 Roof framing design, Steel framing and brick veneer, Downlights and ceiling R-values, Carpenter's pencils, R-value of windows, ALF 3.2, Masonry drying times, BRAN Seminars, CITE Courses.

January 2008 08 already. Lose up to 50% of thermal insulation performance without trying. Reality TV shows. Bottom plate treatment. Carpenter's pencils. H1 and artificial lighting of large buildings. H1 again. Insulation below concrete foundation wall footings. Cavities and cladding R-value. H1 and storage water heating. BRANZ Seminars.


December 2007 H1 again. Concrete floors. Closed subfloors for insulation. Underlays - be specific. Amendments to consent. Unhappy builders. A plea to builders. We hear it quite often. Helpline and seminars. BRANZ seminars online soon. BRANZ Seminars

November 2007 H1 Insulation Changes. Rebating Framing - Timber Grading. New Free Service From Stop Ends to Window Head Flashings. Timber Treatment. Bottom Plate Fixings - A Cautionary Tale. Until the New Alf Arrives.... Valid Appraisals.

October 2007 For Vertical Weatherboarding. It's all about single length boards. Double Nailing - Again, Dry Bedding - Durability. Clause F4 Safety From Falling. Fitting foil to the underside of joists. The common direction - or is it already here? Fixing plywood substrates supporting waterproof deck/membranes. Stone veneers and wall ties. BRANZ Seminars. CITE Courses.

September 2007 H1. Detailed Information. Building Code Review. Renovations/Alternations and Bracing Requirements, BRANZ Seminars. CITE Courses.

August 2007 In-slab heating. Lintels and beams. Actual or call. Thermal performance of reflective foil insulation. Engineering basis or NZS 3604. Dry bedding. Validating bracing performance. Plywood sarking under asphalt singles. CITE Courses.

July 2007 New websites. Hot off the press. Top of the cavity. Cantilevered balconies and bulletins. Balloon framing. Roof space ventilation. Engineering basis of NZS 3604. Asbestos. Stair stringers. BRANZ Seminars.

June 2007 Board and batten fixings. What is an acceptable tolerance for an installed aluminium window? Insulation again. Be specific. Timber grading. Keeping documentation up to date. Safety glazing. Installing aluminium windows into framed openings. BRANZ Seminars.

May 2007 Keeping up to date. Manufacturers recommending use of BRANZ details. Construction R-Values. Labelling. Appraisals/testing and product ranges. LOSP and wall underlays. Timber specification and treatment. New Publications. Changes to BRANZ CITE. BRANZ seminars.

March 2007 Thank you. Bereavement. Bevel-Back Timber Weatherboards. Zinc coatings aka hot-dip galvanising. Plastered brick veneer. Engineered timber. Ventilation of low-slope membrane roofs. BRANZ CITE. BRANZ seminars.

February 2007 Carpet and H1. Roofs underlays - horizontal or vertical installation. Free information. Designers and documentation. Bottom plates. BRANZ seminars, BRANZ CITE.

January 2007 Bracing heavy hip roofs. Moisture meter readings and timber preservatives. Cavity battens fixing. CITE 2007 events.


December 2006 Follow the consented details. New timber grading in NZS 3604. More on amendment 2. Secret nailed timber floors. Cavity batten fixing. Gun-nail fixing of battens. Stop-ends to head flashings in direct-fixed timber weatherboards. Another year flashes by.

November 2006 update DBH current consultation documents.

November 2006 DBH consultations. Draft Building Industry standards for comment. Timber moisture content of H1.2 Boron-treated timber. Architects CPD and BRANZ. CITE future events. Seminars.

October 2006 New copper-based timber treatments and corrosion. Did you know? What we can't see does matter. How much is enough? Referencing an E2/AS1 detail to show Alternative Solution compliance. Site Etiquette for builders. Education Events.

September 2006 Amendment no: 4 to NZS 36 and the use of MSG timber when wet in-service. Cavities again. Enquiries about Licensed Building Practitioners. Maximum cavity batten moisture content. Using the right grade timber.

August 2006 Accredited Advisor service discontinued. New feature on Stone veneer over fibre-cement backing. Timber grading changes. MGP. Shelf angles. CITE Future events. Seminars.

July 2006 Have your say. News. Construction cavities for wall claddings. What is the difference? From June Guideline on Glass Safety. CITE future events.

June 2006 Correction: May Guideline 'Nails and their durability. Glass safety. Debate is good. Submissions requested. NZS 3602 Amendment 2. CITE future events. Seminars.

May 2006 Bottom plate fixing packs. Nails and their durability. Adding to guideline April 06 article on determinations. We do some silly things sometimes. Further education for designers (see CITE below as well). CITE future events. Seminars.

April 2006 Staples. Determinations. Read all the relevant bits. Limitations on use. Vertical corrugated metal. New publication. CITE future events. Seminars.

March 2006 Fixings of Masonry Veneer Wall Ties to Timber Framing. Registered Masons. Have Your Say. Reminder for Spec Builders. Start Planning. Appraisal or Test Report. CITE Future events. Seminars.

February 2006 Over the edge. Access, Clearances and Tolerances. Barriers and Fall Distance. Handrails or not. Quote. CITE Future events. Seminars.

January 2006 Brickbat to start off the year. Wide top plates. Brick ties to bottom courses. E2/AS1 Errata. Green Building public lecture. CITE future events. Seminars.


December 2005 What's in a name? Or similar. Basement conversions. Building Officials update. BRANZ Appraisals. CITE future events. Seminars.

November 2005 Keeping up with it. DBH guidance on substitution. Moulds. Masonry roof tiles. Free downloads. CITE future events. Seminars.

October 2005 Changes coming. Being vigilant. Masonry tile roofs. Appraisal vs Test report. Coming events. Oops.

September 2005 Only in the US. Be specific. New insulation products. Designing for risk. Table 7 and 23. What's in a name? Coming events - Sustainable Procurement Conference, CITE Adjudication Plumbed Out seminar.

August 2005 Where does BRANZ fit in? BRANZ is not your designer. Wood burner specifications. Free joints.

July 2005 Wind. Correction. Appraisal Status. It is here. Glass splashbacks behind gas hobs.

June 2005 Changes are here. Question to the BRANZ Helpline. Oops.

May 2005 Amendments to consent documents. Baltic Pine update. Communication is key. Debate it. Eek, it's getting closer. Good Timber Practice Guide withdrawn. BRANZ Cite courses. BRANZ Seminar series. Weathertight Solutions Volume 1, 2nd edition.

April 2005 Hot off the press. Vapour barriers and skillion roofs. What's coming up? Borrowed ventilation. Drawings and Guideline.

March 2005 Timber treatment for roofs that combine a skillion roof structure with an attic roof space. More on timber. Baltic pine. Air seals and backing rods from February Guideline. BRANZ Plumbing Guide. BRANZ House Building Guide correction.

February 2005 Cladding fixings and back flashings. Windows and doors, sill trays and E2/AS1. Air seals E2/AS1 and what's happening on-site. BRANZ CITE and Seminars.

January 2005 Drained and vented cavities. More on cavities - stucco. There is always and angle. New Year's resolutions.


December 2004 Change Management. We haven't always got it wrong. Seven steps to successful Christmas project.

November 2004 Alternative Solutions and Responsibility. BRANZ Cite courses. BRANZ Seminar series

October 2004 Installation of gas distribution/meter boxes in exterior walls of habitable buildings. You asked. Installation of acrylic shower wall liners in wet areas. Brookers Building Act seminar. BRANZ CITE Certificate in Domestic Sprinkler Design. BRANZ Weathertightness seminar.

September 2004 Weatherboards over a cavity. Wind Barriers and E2/AS1 (Third Edition 2004). Roof underlays - Where do they terminate? Who are the Weathertightness Experts? Building Weathertightness - Achieving Solutions. CITE Training. Building Code Workshops.

August 2004 Cooking (with or without gas), Building wraps are not a cladding

July 2004 Steel Benders again, Formaldehyde, E2/AS1 and Rubber Membrane Flashing, BRANZ Appraisals, Handling Timber Treated by the LOSP Process

June 2004 Steel Benders, Weathertight Solutions Volume 1, Fliers, Brochures and Posters, Fumes from LOSP Treated Timber, BRANZ Cite Training and BRANZ Seminar

May 2004 Specifications; education for building controls, practical problem-solving with TRIZ; BRANZ CITE training courses; Guideline reader survey

April 2004 Insure against this house of cards; glass splashbacks; foam-filled cavities; BRANZ CITE courses

March 2004 Flooded buildings, Bracing ratings - Q&As, Out-of-print information, BRANZ Accredited Advisers, CITE training courses

February 2004 Flooded buildings, BRANZ Helpline, Spot the changes (E2/AS1),BRANZ CITE courses, Sustainability seminars

January 2004 Maintaining standards, reducing the depth of the risk pool; new publications from BRANZ; CITE training courses; sustainability seminars