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  Building Research Advisory Council (BRAC)

The Building Research Advisory Council plays a vital role in ensuring BRANZ's accountability and responsiveness to the New Zealand building and construction industry.

The Council is made up of representatives from the building, engineering, architecture, contracting, and property management industries; central and local government; and the wider business sector. Industry bodies nominate most members of the Council.

The Council meets twice a year. It elects the majority of the BRANZ Board, advises on issues affecting the industry, and influences development of the Industry Research Strategy.

BRANZ Structure and Governance 

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BRAC members also elect the BRANZ Board, which is responsible for the overall governance of the BRANZ Group of entities (namely BRANZ Inc, BRANZ Ltd and BRANZ Pty Ltd [a small Australian subsidiary of BRANZ Ltd for work done in that country]).

The present members of BRAC  and their nominating bodies are:

Ian McCormick - Chair Local Government New Zealand 
John MacDonald - Deputy Chair Registered Master Builders Association 
John BeveridgeBuilding Industry Federation 
Anna Butler Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment 
Mike Craig Certified Builders Association of New Zealand 
Michael Davis New Zealand Institue of Architects 
Simon Barber Registered Master Builders Association 
Marshall Hudson Business New Zealand 
Grant Price New Zealand Specialist Trade Contractors Federation Incorporated 
Bill Whitley Consumer NZ 
Richard Sharpe Engineering New Zealand 
Don Tilbrook Civil Contractors New Zealand 
Jacqui Bensemann New Zealand Specialist Trade Contractors Federation 
Alastair Miles Business New Zealand 
Jon Williams Property Council New Zealand 
Richard ArkinstallNew Zealand Specialist Trade Contractors Federation 
Graham Burke New Zealand Specialist Trade Contractors Federation
Carol Caldwell Engineering New Zealand 
Monique FouwlerHousing New Zealand Corporation 
Sharon Jansen New Zealand Institute of Architects 
Bruce Kohn Building Industry Federation