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  Fire Software

BRANZ has developed a range of fire modelling software for various scenarios, along with user guides.

B-RISK - design fire tool

B-RISK is a combined deterministic/probabilistic fire model that supersedes the BRANZFIRE software. It allows fire and smoke transport to be simulated within enclosures and includes a probabilistic Monte Carlo simulator for repeated iterations of a scenario. It also includes a C/VM2 user mode that is useful for fire analysis required to be in compliance with the NZBC.

BRANZFIRE - zone model

The BRANZFIRE program is a multi-room zone model fully integrated with a flame spread and fire growth model applicable to room fire scenarios.

BRANZ TR8 - concrete floor systems

The BRANZ TR8 program is for analysing the fire resistance of reinforced or prestressed concrete floor systems. The fire resistance is determined by comparing the moment capacity of the section at elevated temperature with the applied moment.

BRANZ TR9 - timber framed wall or floor/ceiling systems

The BRANZTR9 program is for extrapolating the results of a fire resistance test on a loadbearing light timber framed wall or floor/ceiling system. Changes in the height and/or load may be accommodated by increasing the stud/joist size. 

The difference we make

Fire design 280.JPG BRANZ teamed up with the University of Canterbury to create a fire design modelling tool, B-RISK, to help designers evaluate the conditions that people might be faced with when escaping a building fire.

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