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Journal papers

  • Nyman, J.F., Gerlich, H.J.T., Wade, C.A. and Buchanan, A.H. 2008. Predicting Fire Resistance Performance of Drywall Construction Exposed to Parametric Design Fires - A Review. Journal of Fire Protection Engineering, 18:117-139. 
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  • Wade, C.A and Barnett, J.R. 1997. A Room-Corner Fire Model Including Fire Growth on Linings and Enclosure Smoke-Filling. Journal of Fire Protection Engineering. 8(4) pp 27-36.

Conference papers

  • Apte, V.B; Bui, A; Paroz, B; Wade, C.A; Webb, A.K. and Dowling, V.P. 2004. An Assessment of Fire Growth Models BRANZFIRE and FDS Against CSIRO Fire Tests on Combustible Linings in a Room. Proceedings Interflam 2004, 10th International Fire Science and Engineering Conference, Scotland 5-7 July 2004.
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  • Wade, C. A New Engineering Tool for Evaluating the Fire Hazard in Rooms. Conference paper was presented at the Global Building Model in the Next Millennium Convention held 12-15 April 1999, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Wade, C.A., LeBlanc, D., Ierardi, J., and Barnett, J. A Room-Corner Fire Growth and Zone Model for Lining Materials. Proceedings - 2nd International Conference on Fire Research and Engineering. Maryland August 1997.

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