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  Good Practice Guide: Tiling

Since being first published in 1996 as Good Tiling Practice, this book has been an essential reference for designers, specifiers, waterproofing applicators, tilers, building officials, students and building owners who wish to have a greater understanding of what makes a successful tiling installation. 

GPG Ting 2nd edition cover.jpeg

This fully revised and updated third edition, specifically written for the New Zealand building industry, carries on that tradition of practical, easy-to-read information with extensive use of photographs and illustrations. Its emphasis is primarily on the design and construction principles that need to be followed to ensure that the finished tiled surface is of a high quality. None of the components of a tiled finish - framing, substrate, waterproofing, adhesive, grout or tiles - can be considered in isolation from one other.

Included in this guide are sections that describe the performance requirements for tiled finishes, the materials that make a tiled finish, substrate materials and their installation, how to deal with movement, the design and construction of internal and external wet areas, and specification for adhesives, tile installation, grouting and maintenance. Swimming pools, heated floors and tile sealing are all briefly covered. Another section deals with the various types of tiles available and provides guidance on selection of tiles for specific areas.

This new edition remains an essential reference tool for all those involved in the selection, design or installation of a tiled finish.