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  Good Practice Guide: Membrane Roofing


Membrane roofing systems come in a wide variety of types, each with their own substrate and installation requirements. Achieving a durable membrane roofing system depends heavily on using the correct approach to the design of the substrate supporting the membrane and the membrane roofing itself. Using the correct membrane roofing system for the substrate, the slope, the use the roof will be put to and the aesthetic requirements of the building owner are also key requirements.

Since first being published in 1999 as Good Membrane Roofing Practice, this book has been an essential reference for designers and specifiers, membrane roofing contractors, building contractors, building owners, and tertiary tutors and students in a range of construction-related disciplines. Written specifically for the New Zealand building industry, this fully revised and updated second edition covers the issues that need to be considered when selecting, designing, detailing and installing membrane roofing systems. Following the procedures outlined should significantly reduce the risk of problems occurring with membrane roofing.

Included in this edition are sections on the benefits and drawbacks of a membrane roofing system, the regulatory requirements of the New Zealand Building Code, the factors that influence the design of the roof, the design and installation requirements for the substrate, accessories for use with the roofing and general factors applying to the selection and installation of the membrane itself. Three sections cover details that are specific to the design and installation of particular membrane systems: single-ply, built-up/multi-layer and liquid-applied. Two additional sections on warm roofs and green roofs are also introduced in this updated edition. The remaining sections cover tidying up after installation, the relevant standards and references and a glossary of terms. This second edition remains an essential reference tool for all those involved in the selection, design or installation of a membrane roofing system. 

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