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   Welcome to BRANZ
   Books for The Building Trade
      Books for The Building Trade
      Easy Guide to Eco-Building
      Homes Without Barriers: A Guide to Accessible Houses
      House Building Guide 3rd edition
      House Insulation Guide 5th edition
      Landscape Construction 2nd edition
      Plumbing and Drainage Guide
      Selecting Timber
      Drained Joints
      Indoor Air Quality in New Zealand Homes and Schools
      Building Basics
         Building Basics Series
         Building Basics: Building Code Compliance
         Building Basics: Insulation
         Building Basics: Internal Moisture
         Building Basics: Minimising Waste
         Building Basics: Steel Framing
         Building Basics: Your Business
      Good Practice Guides
         Good Practice Guide series
         Good Practice Guide: Concrete Slabs and Basements
         Good Practice Guide: Concrete Masonry
         Good Practice Guide: Exterior Coating
         Good Practice Guide: Internal Linings 2nd edition
         Good Practice Guide: Masonry Veneer 2nd edition
         Good Practice Guide: Membrane Roofing
         Good Practice Guide: Long-Run Metal Roofing
         Good Practice Guide: Profiled Metal Wall Cladding 2nd edition
         Good Practice Guide: Texture-Coated Claddings
         Good Practice Guide: Tiling
         Good Practice Guide: Timber Cladding
      Good Repair Guides
         Good Repair Guide series
         Good Repair Guide: Aluminium Windows
         Good Repair Guide: Damp Subfloors
         Good Repair Guide: Dealing with Mould
         Good Repair Guide: External Gutters
         Good Repair Guide: Horizontal Timber Weatherboards
         Good Repair Guide: Improving Internal Ventilation
         Good Repair Guide: Interior Painting
         Good Repair Guide: Profiled Metal Roofing
         Good Repair Guide: Repainting Textured Finishes
         Good Repair Guide: Subfloor Timber
         Good Repair Guide: Timber Decking
         Good Repair Guide: Timber Floorboards
         Good Repair Guide: Timber Windows
         Good Repair Guide: Overlay Flooring
         Good Repair Guide: Rainwater storage systems
         Good Repair Guide: Clay and concrete roof tiles
         Good Repair Guide: Concrete floors
         Good Repair Guide: Construction stains
         Good Repair Guide: Retrofitting wall insulation
         Good Repair Guide: Wall linings
         Good Repair Guide: Wet area sheet wall linings
         Good Repair Guide: Hinges
         Good Repair Guide: External Timber Steps
         Good Repair Guide: Driveways and Paths
         Good Repair Guide: Insulating Timber Windows
         Good Repair Guide: Leaking basement walls
      LEVEL Sustainability Series
         LEVEL Sustainability Series
         LEVEL Sustainability: Coatings
         Level Sustainability: Electrical Design 2nd Edition
         LEVEL Sustainability: Energy 2nd edition
         LEVEL Sustainability: Floor Coverings
         LEVEL Sustainability: Heating & Ventilation
         LEVEL Sustainability: Materials
         LEVEL Sustainability: Passive Design
         Level Sustainability: Plumbing 2nd Edition
         LEVEL Sustainability: Water
         LEVEL Sustainability: Wet Areas
         LEVEL Sustainability: Windows 2nd edition
      Renovate Series
         Renovate Series
         Renovate: Art Deco
         Renovate: Bungalows
         Renovate: Villas
         Renovate: 1940-1960s
         Renovate: 1970s
   Books for Home Owners
      Books for Home Owners
      Maintaining Your Home
   BRANZ Facts
      BRANZ Facts
      Seismic Resilient Non-Structural Element fact sheets
      Sustainability: Guidelines for inclusion in New Zealand homes
      Valuing Sustainability fact sheets
      Roof Design
      Achieving Good Affordable Rental Homes
      Medium-density housing
   Building Basics Series
   Designing for Maintenance
   Good Practice Guide series
   Good Repair Guide series
   LEVEL Sustainability Series
   Maintaining Your Home
   Passive Fire Protection
   Protection from Fire
   Renovate Series
   Research Now
      Research Now
      Bulletins related to Level
      BU607 Passive Ventilation
      BU606 Residential Fire Safety
      BU605 Residential glazing safety
      BU604 Vapour control in New Zealand buildings
      BU603 Environmental product declaration
      BU602 Thermal modelling tools for houses
      BU601 Sealants for cladding joints
      BU600 Heat pumps
      BU610 Preventing moisture in timber-framed skillion roofs
      BI615 Critical connections
      BU612 Load Paths
      BU609 Photovoltaic Systems for Dwellings
      BU599 Solar-control glazing
      BU614 HI Compliance options
      BU611 Timber slat decks
      BU608 Building Life Cycle Assessment
      BU613 NZ 4218: 2009 Calculation Method
      BU598 Insulating glass units
      BU597 Timber pole house construction
      BU596 An introduction to life cycle assessment
      BU595 Factory-coated metal claddings
      BU594 Excessive moisture in enclosed subfloor spaces
      BU593 Efflorescence
      BU592 Concrete slab-on-ground floors
      BU591 Waterproofing tiled showers
      BU590 Contracts in the building industry
      BU589 Heat pump water heating
      BU588 BRANZ Maps and wind zone calculations
      BU587 Dealing with construction moisture in new buildings
      BU586 Embedded floor heating
      BU585 Measuring moisture in timber and concrete
      BU584 Sealed-joint design - claddings
      BU583 Waterproof decks
      BU582 Structurally fixed cavity battens
      BU581 Residential mechanical ventilation systems
      BU579 WEERS - Window Energy Efficiency Rating System
      BU578 Ventilation drying behind wall claddings
      BU577 Water heating systems
      BU576 Edge insulation of concrete floor slabs
      BU575 Timber treatment
      BU574 Preventing corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete
      BU573 Flexible wall underlays
      BU572 Aggravated thermal bridging research
      BU571 Thermal mass
      BU570 Ground clearances
      BU569 Metal-clad insulated panels
      BU568 Low-impact homes
      BU567 E2/AS1 flashing requirements
      BU566 Applied window films
      BU565 Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission: key...
      BU564 Trombe walls
      BU563 Building on exposed sites
      BU562 Low retaining walls
      BU561 Timber-frame parapets, balustrades and columns
      BU560 Pile foundations
      BU559 Pre-purchase inspections
      BU558 Earthquake terminology
      BU557 Timber-framed garages
      BU556 Internal gutter design
      BU555 A guide to ALF 3.2
      BU554 Aluminium joinery installation in direct-fixed cladding
      BU553 Aluminium joinery installation in cavity construction
      BU551 Learnings from the Canterbury earthquakes
      BU550 Damage from weathertightness failure
      BU549 Lintels and Beams Calculator
      BU548 Repairing plasterboard after an earthquake
      BU547 Selecting glass
      BU546 House Condition Survey - external envelope
      BU545 Key changes to B1/AS1 and E2/AS1
      BU544 BRANZ Appraisals
      BU543 Concrete finishes
      BU541 Concrete floor slabs
      BU540 Solar gain in housing
      BU539 Recessed downlights
      BU536 Upgrading piled foundations to resist earthquakes
      BU535 Repairing cracks in concrete
      BU534 Overlay flooring systems over a suspended floor
      BU533 Green roofs - an overview
      BU532 Site records
      BU531 Designing for thermal and moisture movement
      BU530 Straw bale construction
      BU528 Metal tile roofing
      BU527 Drained and vented cavities
      BU526 Specifying timber
      BU524 Solar water heating
      BU523 Reducing waste from building sites
      BU521 Squeaky floors
      BU520 Conservatories
      BU519 Fasteners selection
      BU518 Wet area tile waterproofing
      BU517 Passive fire protection - maintenance and on-going...
      BU516 Moisture management in masonry veneer
      BU514 Passive fire protection - on-site installation
      BU513 Timber composite overlay flooring
      BU512 Passive fire protection - roles and responsibilities
      BU511 Residential roof drainage design
      BU510 Introduction to passive fire protection
      BU509 Sizing gutters and downpipes
      BU507 Timber windows - retrofit glazing options for thermal...
      BU506 Laying solid timber strip flooring on concrete slabs
      BU505 Acceptable plans and specifications
      BU503 Rainwater harvesting in commercial and industrial buildings
      BU502 On-site sequencing
      BU500 Optimising energy-efficient design of houses
      BU499 Site practices
      BU498 Preparation for concrete floor slabs
      BU497 Stair construction
      BU495 Stair design
      BU490 Metal component terminology
      BU486 BRANZ Household Energy End-use Project
      BU485 Domestic on-site wastewater systems
      BU481 Timber windows
      BU479 Planning for maintenance
      BU469 Damp-proof membranes to concrete slabs
      BU468 Fixing timber weatherboards
      BU461 Practical sound control
      BU458 Domestic fire protection
      BU455 Restoring a house after flood damage
      BU450 Solar-control glass selection and installation
      BU444 Lessons from the 1987 Edgecumbe earthquake
      BU443 Timber shingles and shakes
      BU438 Using a scala penetrometer
      BU431 Care of kiln-dried framing timber
      BU426 Achieving acoustic separation
      BU412 Concrete driveways
      BU411 Recommended timber cladding profiles
      BU389 Concrete toppings
      BU385 Asphalt shingle roofing
      BU382 Curing concrete
      BU371 Particleboard flooring
      BU370 Slip resistance of floors
      BU369 Fitting tolerances
      BU364 Preventing noise in plumbing installations
      BU362 Finishes on architectural hardware
      BU360 Floor levelling compounds
      BU349 Finishes for aluminium
      BU337 Protecting window glass from surface damage
      BU323 Glazing plastics 2 - design and installation
      BU322 Glazing plastics 1 - characteristics and durability
      BU321 Reducing the impact of wind at building sites
      BU314 Removing paint coatings from houses
      BU306 Inspection procedures for chimneys, fireplaces...
   Builder's Mate
      Guideline Archive
   Papers and Articles
   Evaluation methods
   Technical Papers and Recommendations
   Study/Research Reports
   Publication Updates
   Corporate Publications
Web Resources
   BRANZ Find
   BRANZ Maps
   Building a Better New Zealand
   Building Better - NSC11
   Eco Design Advisor
   Maintaining My Home
   Maintenance Schedules
   Seismic Resilience
      Weathertightness, Air quality and Ventilation Engineering
      Programme Overview
         Programme Overview
      Previous Research
         Previous Research
         Rigid Air Barriers
      Interstitial Moisture
         Interstitial Moisture
         Roof Experiments
         Numerical Modelling
      Indoor Air Quality
         Indoor Air Quality
         Ventilation Survey
         Ventilation Strategies
      Latest News
         Latest News
      Why REBRI?
         Why REBRI?
         Waste Minimisation Act and the Waste Disposal Levy
         The Three Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
         Benefits of Reducing Waste
      Assessing Waste Streams
         Assessing Waste Streams
         What Materials Can Be Recycled?
         What Products Can Be Salvaged?
         Know Your Markets
         REBRI Recycling Directory
         REBRI Resource Routing Calculator
         Volume-to-weight conversion for waste construction materials
      Planning for Waste Management
         Planning for Waste Management
         Designing for Waste Minimisation
         Planning for Deconstruction
         Develop a Waste Management Plan
         Getting Subcontractors On Board
         Product Selection and Purchase
      Managing Waste
         Managing Waste
         Setting Up a Waste Management System
         Who Does What?
         Dismantling and Deconstruction
         Waste Separation and Storage
         Managing Liquid Wastes
         Transporting Waste
         Resource Tracking
         Reviewing the Process
      Case Studies
         Case Studies
         Art Deco Home, Hamilton - Deconstruction
         BRANZ Campus, Wellington - Refurbishment
         Meridian Energy Headquarters, Wellington - Construction
         Southern Tonar Block, North Shore - Demolition
         Stanley Modular Flatpack Homes and Classrooms - Construction
      Plans, Forms and Guides
         Plans, Forms and Guides
         REBRI Contract Specifications for Waste Management
         REBRI Waste Management Plan
         REBRI Waste Transfer Form
         REBRI Guides
         REBRI Checklists
      About REBRI
         About REBRI
         Contact REBRI
         Standards and NZBC
      What is Up-Spec?
         What is Up-Spec?
      Climate zones
         Climate zones
         Auckland region
         Tauranga region
         Hamilton region
         Napier region
         Wellington region
         Nelson region
         Christchurch region
         Dunedin region
         Invercargill region
      Comfortable temperatures
         Comfortable temperatures
      Energy efficiency
         Energy efficiency
      Water management
         Water management
      About Up-Spec
         About Up-Spec
         Contact Up-Spec
   Your Place
   Annual Loss Factor (ALF) Tool
      Annual Loss Factor (ALF) Tool
      Workshop: H1 Compliance under the Verification Method - ALF 3.2
   Auckland Atlas of Construction
      Auckland Atlas of Construction
      Building Activity
         Building Activity
         Construction of New Residential Buildings
         Alteration of Existing Residential Buildings
         Construction of New Non-Residential Buildings
         Alteration of Existing Non-Residential Buildings
      Trends in Industry Structure
         Trends in Industry Structure
         B091 Construction Material Mining
         B099 Other Non-Metallic Mineral Mining and Quarrying
         C141 Log Sawmilling and Timber Dressing
         C149 Other Wood Product Manufacturing
         C191 Polymer Product Manufacturing
         C192 Natural Rubber Product Manufacturing
         C201 Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing
         C202 Ceramic Product Manufacturing
         C203 Cement, Lime, Plaster and Concrete Product Manufacturing
         C209 Other Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
         C221 Iron and Steel Forging
         C222 Structural Metal Product Manufacturing
         C223 Metal Container Manufacturing
         C224 Other Sheet Metal Product Manufacturing
         C229 Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
         C245 Pump, Compressor, Heating and Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing
         C246 Specialised Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
         C249 Other Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
         D291 Waste Collection Services
         D292 Waste Treatment, Disposal and Remediation Services
         E301 Residential Building Construction
         E302 Non-Residential Building Construction
         E310 Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
         E321 Land Development and Site Preparation Services
         E322 Building Structure Services
         E323 Building Installation Services
         E324 Building Completion Services
         E329 Other Construction Services
         F331 Agricultural Product Wholesaling
         F332 Mineral, Metal and Chemical Wholesaling
         F333 Timber and Hardware Goods Wholesaling
         F341 Specialised Industrial Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling
         F349 Other Machinery and Equipment Wholesaling
         F371 Textile, Clothing and Footwear Wholesaling
         F372 Pharmaceutical and Toiletry Goods Wholesaling
         F373 Furniture, Floor Covering and Other Goods Wholesaling
         I461 Road Freight Transport
         I471 Rail Freight Transport
         I481 Water Freight Transport
         I530 Warehousing and Storage Services
         L671 Property Operators
         L672 Real Estate Services
         M692 Architectural, Engineering and Technical Services
         N731 Building Cleaning, Pest Control and Gardening Services
         N732 Packaging Services
         S941 Automotive Repair and Maintenance
         S942 Machinery and Equipment Repair and Maintenance
         S949 Other Repair and Maintenance
   Bracing Calculation
   BRANZ Details
      BRANZ Details
      Rusticated Weatherboard
      Bevel-back Weatherboard
      Vertical Profiled Metal
      Horizontal Profiled Metal
      Masonry Veneer
      Concrete Masonry
      Profiled Metal Longrun
      Concrete/Clay Tile
      Metal Tile
      Remediation Details
   Building Info
      Building Info
      Earthquake Repair and Rebuilding Information
      Timber Treatment
      Sustainable Construction
         Sustainable Construction
         New Zealand Sustainable Building Conference (SB10/SB07) Papers
            New Zealand Sustainable Building Conference Papers (SB10/SB07) Papers
            SB10 Innovation and Transformation - Papers
            SB07 Transforming Our Built Environment - Papers
   Engineering Basis of NZS 3604
   Fire Software
      Fire Software
      B-RISK - Design Fire Tool
      BRANZ TR8 - Concrete Floor Systems
      BRANZ TR9 - Timber Framed Wall or Floor/Ceiling Systems
      BRANZFIRE - Zone Model
         BRANZFIRE - Zone Model
         BRANZFIRE Features
         Get BRANZFIRE
         BRANZFIRE Documentation
   H1 Energy Efficiency Support
   Lintels and Beams Calculator
   NZS 4218:2009 Calculation Method Tool
   P21 A wall bracing test and evaluation procedure
   Photovoltaic Generation Calculator
   Precast Concrete Panels Design Guide
   PrefabNZ Toolkit
      PreFab toolkit
   Universal Design
      Universal Design
      Universal Design Dimensioned Images
      Wet Areas
      Real Home Examples
      Gallery Photos
      Universal Design Costing Estimator
      Universal Design Further Information
   Industry Research
      Industry Research
      Building Research Levy
      Independent Research Providers
      Medium-density housing
         Medium -density housing that meets the needs of New Zealanders
      Exceeding the minimum
         Exceeding the minimum
      Eliminating quality issues
         Eliminating quality issues
      Warmer, drier and healthier buildings
         Warmer, drier and healthier buildings
      Stand alone research
         Better buildings
            Better buildings
            Preparing the foundation
               Preparing the Foundation for Risk-informed Fire Safety Design
               Project outputs - Fire risk
               Project news - Fire risk
               Fire research roadmap - Fire risk
               Useful links - Fire risk
   Investing in Research
      Investing in Research
      Identifying Sector Needs
      Building Research Levy Investment Prospectus
   Research Reports
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      Compliance & Evaluation Services
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      Technical Opinions
         About Technical Opinions
      Type Tests
         About Type Tests
         BRANZ Type Test and BRANZ Technical Opinion Process
      NZS 3604 Nail Listings
         About NZS 3604 Nail Listing
         NZS 3604 Nail Listing process
         Apply for a NZS 3604 Nail Listing
         Nail List Summary
   Technical Evaluations
      Technical Evaluations
      Fire Testing & Safety Engineering
         Fire Testing & Safety Engineering
         Fire Testing and Assessment
         Maritime Fire Testing
         Testing Accreditations & Test Standards
      Materials Testing
         Materials Testing
         Materials Durability
         Materials Performance
         Moisture Performance
         Thermal Performance
         Ventilation Efficiency
      Structural Testing
         Structural Testing
   Research Capability
      Research Capability
      Better Building Research
         Better Building Research
      Industry Performance & Social Research
         Industry Performance & Social Research
      Channel Delivery
         Channel Delivery
      Building Performance Research
         Building Performance Research
   What We Offer
      What We Offer
      Environmental Product Declaration
         EPD and LCA Services
         EPD Process
      Technical Helplines
         Technical Helplines
   Product Certificates and Appraisals
      Building Control System
         Building Control System
      E2/AS1 Risk Matrix
         E2/AS1 Risk Matrix
      Introducing Bracing
         Introducing Bracing
      Bracing Design
         Earthquake Bracing Demand
         Wind Bracing Demand
         Designing for Wind and Earthquake Bracing Capacity
         Introduction to H1
         Introduction to R-values
         The Schedule Method
         The Calculation Method
         Modelling Methods - ALF
      Physics of Moisture
         Introduction to Moisture
         Properties of Moisture
         Water Vapour in Air
         Moisture in Materials
         Introduction to Managing External Moisture
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   Building Research Advisory Council
      Building Research Advisory Council (BRAC)
      BRACe Newsletter and Information
         BRACe Newsletter and Information
         BRACe April 2013
         BRACe September 2012
         BRACe August 2012
         BRACe 8 - February 2011
         BRACe 7 - November 2010
         BRACe 6 - May 10
         BRACe 5 - February 10
         BRACe 4 - October 09
         BRACe 2 - February 09
         BRACe 1 - November 08
         BRACe 3 - May 09
            BRACe 3 - May 09
            BRACe 3 Response: Timber treatment
            BRACe 3 Response: Manufacturers documents
            BRACe 3 Response: Greenbuild
            BRACe 3 Response: Trade skills
            BRACe 3 Response: Alternate acceptable solutions
            BRACe 3 Response: Independent research regime
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