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  Level Sustainability: Electrical Design 2nd Edition

Fully updated for 2017, this new edition of a popular publication gives designers and electrical contractors guidance around designing and specifying electrical and other cabling in domestic buildings. It pays particular attention to energy efficiency, providing convenience to homeowners while reducing household running costs. 

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This guide will help building designers and electrical contractors meet the requirements around electrical design. It outlines how to ensure owner comfort, convenience and energy efficiency in a new or renovated house. 

The new edition of Electrical Design, part of the Level Sustainable Building Series, takes building practitioners through all of the requirements for designing and specifying electrical and other cabling in domestic buildings.

This fully updated 2017 edition takes account of the many changes that have taken place since the first edition was published in 2009. These include updates to the New Zealand Building Code and standards, new technology and materials (such as the arrival of electric cars that are charged at home) and changing consumer preferences.

This publication covers all the key areas of the topic, including:

  • Building Code and standards requirements
  • Power supply system design
  • Internal electrical wiring
  • Wiring layout and installation
  • Low voltage systems 

There are numerous illustrations in the easy-to-follow BRANZ style, and a very useful set of design checklists.

This publication has a particular focus on producing houses that are energy efficient, comfortable to live in and less expensive to run. It includes, for example:

  • energy-efficient lighting
  • heat pump space heating and water heating options
  • onsite electrical generation such as photovoltaic panels 



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