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  Maintaining Your Home

Maintaining your Home in New Zealand

For most of us, our home is our biggest asset, and if you value the investment you have made, you need a copy of Maintaining Your Home. Written for New Zealand Homes and conditions, this book is a practical guide for everyone whether you choose to do your own maintenance or get someone else to do it for you.

This book is 350 pages and crammed with practical advice on common problems and their causes, what needs to be done about them and whether you should do-it-yourself or call for expert advice. It covers every part of your home, from subfloor to roof space and beyond, and includes charts for you to fill in to keep track of your maintenance over the years.

This is not just a book for do-it-yourselfers either. It aims to give you the information to identify common problems, to explain their likely causes, and to tell you what should be done about them. 

There is general maintenance information - common problems, preventative maintenance and condition checks. There is also the inspection/action or troubleshooting section which shows you how to deal with emergencies, such as a burst water pipe. 


See inside
Click here to open our house guide and then choose a house type and click on the house to see the maintenance issues for different areas.

Recording maintenance

We have developed a free maintenance planning chart and maintenance record chart to assist you with planning and managing your home maintenance to maximise the life of building components and to allow you to budget ahead for big budget items, such as carpet replacement.