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A transient technique for determining diffusion coefficients in hygroscopic materials

Accelerated durability testing of autoclaved wood-fibre-reinforced cement-sheet composites

Accounting for windows in building heating energy calculations

Actual and effective diffusion coefficients of concrete under marine exposure conditions

Air flow resistances in timber framed walls

Air infiltration in New Zealand houses

Air pressure equalisation in rainscreened joints by geometric alteration

Air, earth, water - the sources of moisture

Alternative aggregates and aggregate gradings for use in polymer concrete floors - economics and performance

An Australian earthquake standard

An initial investigation into New Zealand's residential hot water energy usage

An international agenda for research

Application of polarisation resistance measurements for the estimation of corrosion rates of galvanised steel structures in soil

Approaches to corrosion awareness

As safe as houses

Atmospheric chloride deposition and corrosivity at Judgeford, New Zealand

Atmospheric corrosion in New Zealand

Atmospheric corrosion rates over two years' exposure at 156 sites in New Zealand

Atmospheric corrosion survey of New Zealand - six year results

Atmospheric corrosivity in New Zealand