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  Good Practice Guide: Long-Run Metal Roofing

Long-run profiled metal roofing is commonly used on a wide range of buildings, from houses to large warehouses and industrial buildings. 


When correctly selected for the in-use environment, well detailed, well installed and well maintained, long-run metal roofing can provide years of trouble-free service.

When poorly selected, detailed and constructed, metal roofs can cause major problems and require extensive maintenance during the life of the building.

This second edition of the Good Practice Guide: Long-run Metal Roofing (the first edition was called Profiled Metal Roofing) incorporates the 2011 changes in E2/AS1 for buildings within the Acceptable Solution's scope, as well as changes in roofing practice, detailing and materials.

Long-run Metal Roofing is aimed at designers and specifiers, roofing contractors, building contractors, building owners, building officials, and tutors and students in construction-related disciplines.

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