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  Good Practice Guide: Exterior Coating


Good Practice Guide: Exterior Coating covers the steps that need to be carried out when preparing most common building materials for painting, staining, clear finishing, coating or texturing.

Its aim is to explain the procedures involved and the reasons for them, and to ensure the performance of the coating will not be compromised by poor preparation and application conditions and practices.

The book outlines the different types of coating systems available and the factors that can affect their durability.

Twenty chapters cover the coating and recoating for a range of common building materials, general rules for coating application and the removal of existing coatings (including lead-based paints), as well as an outline of common performance problems and how to treat them.

This book is intended for designers and specifiers, painting contractors, building contractors, building owners, and tertiary tutors and students in a range of design and construction-related disciplines.

It does not cover specialist coating systems, such as those used for steel protection in corrosive environments and specialist waterproofing systems.

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