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  Returning to building sites at Alert Level 3

If you're a designer, project manager or builder planning your return to work under Alert Level 3, you may be wondering how to best assess the condition of your building site and your materials. These BRANZ guidelines for returning to site provide information about what actions to take and where to go to get additional help.  

1. Health and safety at Alert Level 3

Action: Prepare your COVID-19 Control Plan

2. The condition of your site and materials after the lockdown

Action: Before returning to site, check exposure limits and plan remediation
Action: When returning to site, check for damage and minimise exposure
Action: Plan for a return to Alert Level 4 

3. Guidance on exposure limits

Moisture content
Salt deposition
Material hotspots
Wall and roof building underlays
Rigid wall underlays
Timber framing
Particleboard and other reconstituted wood board (RWB) sheets
Engineered wood products (EWPs)
Steel reinforcing bars
Steel framing
Fibre-cement claddings
Metal sheet claddings
Joints and connections
Flashing tape

4. Further information or  Need to talk?


Download our Guidance for returning to building sites at Alert Level 3 handbook