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  Indoor Air Quality

Excess moisture and contaminants are common in the air inside New Zealand houses, garages and schools. Contaminants include biological contaminants such as fungi, bacteria and dust mites; volatile organic compounds; gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide; and particulates. These contaminants impact on our wellbeing and productivity. Understanding what they are and how ventilation can reduce their presence will help make New Zealand houses and schools healthier and more comfortable to live and work in.

The Indoor Air Quality series outlines the results of research by BRANZ and other research partners:

1. An overview of indoor air contaminants in New Zealand houses
2. An overview of indoor air contaminants in New Zealand schools
3. The impact of ventilation in New Zealand houses
4. Project: Indoor air quality in New Zealand homes and garages
5. Project: Using a low-cost sensor platform to explore the indoor environment in New Zealand schools
6. Project: Indoor air pollution at a New Zealand urban primary school