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  Industry Performance & Social Research

Industry Performance & Social Research (IP&SR) provides evidence, analysis and advice to industry via our multidisciplinary team of experts in building physics, sustainability, economics, statistics, social science (psychology, sociology and social anthropology) , BIM and building science.

Our three areas of expertise include:

  • Economics
  • Sustainability
  • Social Science

Our work is based broadly around the three work streams: Medium Density Housing (MDH), exceeding the minimum standard for building, and eliminating quality issues. We undertake and deliver research in areas as diverse as heat pump performance, MDH liveability i.e. understanding how to build in a way people want to ensure their quality of life, residential water use, and market impacts of sustainable buildings. We have developed and delivered a life cycle assessment tool, assessed thermal impacts of upgrades at Wellington's Kotuku apartments using modelling tools, and forecast supply and demand in medium density housing, among many other major pieces of research.

Our objective is to support industry through provision of robust analysis, modelling, forecasting and advice so that we build better for New Zealand. 

What we offer

A multi-disciplinary approach to building industry research that explores how to build better to meet market and building user needs. Advice as to how (and why) to build sustainable, better performing building systems. 

Need more information?

Email Anne Duncan, or call +64 4 238 1353  

Examples of work

Measuring our sustainability progress: Benchmarking New Zealand's new detached residential housing stock, SR342
LCA QUICK: Whole-building whole-of-life framework
BEES (Building End-Use Study)
Industry Performance Analysis (construction dashboard)
Recommendations for first time newbuilds clients, SR356
Potential measures of productivity and performance at the firm, grouped firm and regional level, SR317