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  Better Building Research

Better Buildings Research is a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in fire engineering, structural engineering and materials science. We conduct independent and impartial research focussed on helping the building and construction industry to deliver better buildings for New Zealanders.

  • Building fire safety and performance
  • Structural engineering research, particularly related to seismic performance of buildings
  • Applied research into durability, performance and resilience aspects of building materials and components

This research provides:

  • Increased and/or appropriate levels of safety for building occupants and users
  • Balance between cost and benefits
  • Fundamental environmental information that ensures construction practice with materials and systems meeting NZBC durability requirement
  • Knowledge base of how materials perform in the built environment
  • Methodologies for testing and predicting material performance under actual service conditions
  • Capability to support development and use of new and/or innovative materials in high-performance buildings

This research benefits building regulators, building officials, and designers.

What we offer

Expertise and laboratory facilities to provide research in:

  • fire engineering: experimental research, modelling and analysis, industry support
  • structural engineering: design and analysis, concrete and timber buildings, seismic resilience / performance
  • materials science: 
    • durability and performance of timber, polymers, adhesives, concrete
    • corrosion of metals
    • materials performance testing methodology
    • nanostructured materials 

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Examples of work
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New Zealand Atmospheric Corrosivity Map, SR325
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