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  Research Capability

Just over half of the projects funded by the Building Research Levy are progressed by BRANZ's specialist research teams and in-house experts in knowledge transfer. These teams focus on improving the capacity in New Zealand to provide buildings that are safer, healthier, warmer and more resilient. This is work that our teams hold authoritative knowledge on. It is work the industry and building occupiers have brought to our attention. It is work that helps to improve the quality of lives.  

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Better Buildings Research is a multi-disciplinary
team that conducts independent and impartial
research focussed on helping the building and
construction industry. 
 Our multidisciplinary research team of scientists and
engineers help industry deliver better buildings for
New Zealanders.  
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A dedicated team, skilled in architecture, design,
publishing and web development, commissions
and develops material to transform insightful
research into real nuggets for the industry.  
 A multi-disciplinary approach to building industry
research that explores how to build better to meet
market and building user needs.