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  Materials Testing

BRANZ materials testing services are carried out by a multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, who possess a range of skills and expertise relating to the performance of building materials and components. We have the unique capability to assess the likely service life and in-service performance of materials experimentally.

Our materials team can offer clients information and insights into material performance. This involves carrying out evaluations of product performance, accelerated product ageing, and inspecting and reporting on products and buildings. We can also carry out site inspections to evaluate the condition of building materials and establish their maintenance requirements.

We provide our customers with effective solutions to assess the likely service life and in-service performance of materials through the use of our modern and well-equipped materials laboratories.

Our areas of expertise include material durability and performance, moisture performance, thermal performance and ventilation efficiency.

Our expertise covers a wide range of corrosion and weathering issues, long-term performance prediction, as well as test method development. Our testing experience encompasses plastics, adhesives, sealants, coatings, metals, cement and gypsum based products, engineered timber products as well as product development and optimisation expertise. 

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Examples or work

Ravensdown Building Material Monitoring - Testing work for Ravensdown Christchurch provides evidence to allow them to comply with a condition of their resource consent. In 2016, nearly 500 samples were collected and analysed to determine the effects of emissions from the Ravensdown fertiliser works on building materials in the local area.
Double-glazing testing - Manufacturers of double-glazed glass units that are members of the Insulating Glass Unit Manufacturers Association (IGUMA) must meet rigorous standards. BRANZ supports IGUMA members to meet these standards by providing the testing that ensures all IGUMA systems are up to the mark.
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