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BRANZ has a specialist Economics and Strategy team that works with a number of subsectors of the building industry, government agencies, manufacturers and retailers to provide meaningful and practical advice and analysis.

Many people don't think of words like 'economics' or even 'strategy' applying to their business or organisation, but we help people understand practical things like: 

  • How to monitor how well your building industry business is performing
  • What new homeowners expect from their builder
  • Wwhat changes in government policy mean for the building industry
  • How designers, manufacturers and retailers can work together to support better-quality building
  • The value of particular products in improving building quality
  • The size of the market for a new or existing product
  • Trends in the building industry and what that means for smaller and bigger businesses
  • Expected demand for new construction projects and the impact of things like affordability and greater urban density.

If you have a building-related question, we may well have looked at this question in the past or may be able to help you answer it.

What we offer

Workload Forecasts and Demand Factors
We undertake regular forecast work as well as specific customised demand impact assessments. Our studies consider demand drivers including demographics, economic factors and government policy. We can also provide forecasts of demand for specific products your organisation may produce, sell or use in construction.

Whole-of-Life and Cost-Benefit Analysis
There is significant benefit in understanding the relative costs and benefits of different building systems and products. The economics team can assist by studying the whole-of-life costs and benefits.

Materials Market Share and Marking Sizing
We can help analyse and forecast demand for building products and services. The BRANZ Materials survey is a quarterly postal survey sent to builders and designers to understand trends in material use and specific design questions as they become increasingly relevant.

Client Satisfaction Surveys
We can help builders by providing benchmarking information based on our New House Owners' Satisfaction Survey, which provides a wide range of information about levels of satisfaction with each stage of the build process.

Impacts of Policy Changes
A wide number of industry and government organisations benefit from understanding what policy changes will do to demand for construction services by affecting affordability or increasing or reducing red tape. We can help measure the likely effects of a change in policy.

Performance Management Tools and Benchmarking
While most businesses say they monitor performance, when pressed, it appears few have formal processes in place to record performance and act to improve it. We can provide useful performance measures and benchmarking for use at the firm and subsector level.

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