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  What We Offer

BRANZ offer a variety of other services and useful information resources available to the building and construction industry. Many of our research findings have been translated into accessable information ranging from books, seminars, technical reports, web resources and industry technical helpline, which can be found in this section.   

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Access more than 43,000 items on a wide
range of building and construction related
 Access BRANZ information ranging from
books, research reports, technical papers,
bulletins, webinars and other information.  
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Our specialist Economics team can work
with you to provide meaningful and
practical advice and analytics. 
 EPDs (or environmental profiles) are an
independently verified public declaration
of environmental performance of products
for all or parts of the life cycle. 
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This is work that our teams hold authoritative
knowledge on, and is work that helps
to improve the quality of lives.
Our technical helpline has been set-up to
provide independent advice on information
relating to building issues.