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  About NZS 3604 Nail Listing

The listing is of a series of nails that have been tested by BRANZ to ensure that they have dimensions within tolerances stated in AS 2334-1980, that they exhibit suitable ductility when tested in accordance with ASTM F1667-15, and if zinc coated, that they have sufficient coating to satisfy the requirements of NZS 3604:2011. Nails passing these tests may be used in compliance with NZS 3604.

BRANZ offers a nail listing because there is a wide number of sources of nails in NZ now and it is important to ensure that these have appropriate ductility so that they will bend rather than break in a brittle fashion. Also for nails that have been galvanised, it is important that they have sufficient galvanised coating to provide the degree of durability required by the timber framing standard.

The scheme is Intended for products that do not require the full rigour of an Appraisal.

The benefit for the suppliers is that they can advertise that their nails have been shown to be suitable for use in fixing NZS 3604 timber framing.

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