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  About Technical Opinions

BRANZ Technical Opinions complement BRANZ Appraisals. They may be disclosed to design teams, builders and building consent authorities (BCAs) for the purpose of helping to demonstrate compliance with the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) or show that third-party independent testing or assessment has been carried out on the product in question.

This service is intended for relatively low-risk products that are expected to have a long history of use in service and, therefore, a good track record of performance. Technical Opinions will normally be against single NZBC clauses. 

Key benefits. 

  • Intended for products that do not require the full rigour of an Appraisal.
  • BRANZ Technical Opinions can be published and disclosed to design teams, builders and building consent authorities.
  • Provides independent third-party assessment for lower-risk products.
  • BRANZ Technical Opinions will be listed on our website at your discretion.

Need more information?

Email Peter Whiting or call 0800 80 80 85, press 1 or click any information page below. 

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