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  About Appraisals

BRANZ Appraisals are robust, in-depth independent evaluations for building products and systems to be deemed fit for purpose and Building Code compliant. 

A BRANZ Appraisal is a tool that facilitates market acceptance. It gives confidence to building specifiers, Regulatory Bodies, Building Consent Authorities and Building Officials during the building and consent process.

BRANZ Appraisals give the Appraisal holder a marketing tool which facilitates faster acceptance in the marketplace by users, specifiers and approving authorities, who can be confident that the product has been subjected to in-depth and rigorous examinations. BRANZ Appraisals are commonly accepted by approving authorities in New Zealand, Australia and some other countries as the basis for acceptance of products for use in building and construction.

Since the introduction of the BRANZ Appraisals service in 1974 more than 900 Appraisals have been issued covering more than 1000 BRANZ Appraised products.

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