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  Compliance & Evaluation Services

BRANZ has provided compliance services to the industry for over 40 years. With our sound technical base, we set the benchmark for technical excellence in building product and system evaluations to demonstrate fitness for purpose through a range of services, including testing, opinions evaluation and formal compliance schemes.

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BRANZ Appraisals are robust, in-depth independent evaluations for building products and systems to be deemed fit for purpose and Building Code compliance.
   CodeMark is a voluntary product certification scheme that provides an easily-understood and robust way to show a building product meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. 
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 The benefit for the suppliers is that their nails have been tested to be suitable for use in fixing NZS 3604 timber framing.  This service is intended for relatively low-risk products that are expected to have a long history of use in service and, therefore, a good track record of performance.
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This service is available for low to medium-risk products and systems. Tests are carried out against published criteria such as a New Zealand Building Code referenced standard.