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  Investing in Research

What we are trying to achieve - the BRANZ Portfolio 

We undertake research addressing current and emerging challenges of our built environment. Our portfolio consists of activities by BRANZ science teams, and external research agencies, to unlock new knowledge and make it accessible and actionable. We invest in assets to support this research. For more on BRANZ's portfolio, click below.   

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Research portfolio

Identifying Sector Needs

We work closely with relevant industry groups to refine priorities for research work to be undertaken for the good of the sector. To further collect the industry's views on what it sees as being important for future development, a number of methods and information sources are used. including the Building Research Advisory Council (BRAC), industry surveys, international trends e.g. through CIB and work undertaken by other research organisations e.g. members of IRANZ, universities, CRI's and independent research organisations. 

This collated information informs our Levy Investment Signals, published annually.

Levy Investment Signals 2019/20

This document signals BRANZ's priorities for research in 2019/20. Research providers seeking Building Research Levy should align their research to these priorities when responding to requests for proposals.  

How do we invest? 

The annual Building Research Levy investment is allocated to work undertaken by both BRANZ Ltd. and external providers. A significant proportion is invested with BRANZ Ltd. In distinct programmes of work and distinct, stand-alone and other Levy investment research. 

Every year we also invest the Building Research Levy in expertise within universities, Crown Research Institutes and independent research providers as part of our vision to inspire the industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders. These include:    

  • External providers who submit proposals that address priorities published in our research prospectus.
  • Scholars and early-stage researchers pursuing innovative research.
  • Out-of-cycle research which address urgent research needs and timely opportunities.
  • If you have projects you would like to discuss please email research.

To ensure the work funded by the Building Research Levy is of a high quality, it is subject to robust scrutiny. Proposals undergo a vigorous assessment process. This process for BRANZ Ltd. includes the use of independent assessors appointed by the BRANZ Inc. Board. This Levy Allocation Advisory Group (LAAG) is made up of leaders and experts drawn from BRAC and the wider industry. The Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) also participates on this advisory group in recognition of the strong connections between Levy-funded research and government regulatory and policy direction. 

What have we invested in?

Connections with industry are fundamental to our work. These help us understand and establish the focus of industry research. We encourage industry and researchers to work together during the research phase, sharing ideas and discoveries. BRANZ and its partner researchers work with industry to make sure findings and insights can be turned into accessible, actionable knowledge. The results from the research can be found at BRANZ Find.  

The Levy in Action document outlines our research investment each year. This includes:  

Research impact 

Our research makes a difference to NZ society by inspiring industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders. Like many research organisations and funders we look at how our research and knowledge makes an impact and how that impact is measured.

We work closely with researchers and research end-users to tell the story about the impact the research has made, or still has the potential to make. Importantly, this work provides confidence that we are delivering on the portfolio outcomes and informs further portfolio development.