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Building Research Levy and Knowledge Dissemination Investments. Investing in four new programmes to achieve end-to-end solutions

BRANZ is investing a significant allocation of the Building Research Levy in four new programmes of work and knowledge transfer initiatives. The four programmes will develop end-to-end solutions to some of the most pressing issues currently facing the industry, and help provide better buildings for New Zealanders. The four programmes are:

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Every year BRANZ also invests the Building Research Levy in additional research as part of our vision to inspire the industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders. These include: 

  • Distinct, stand-alone and other levy investment research.
  • Invest in the expertise within universities, Crown research Institutes and independent research providers
  • External providers who submit proposals that address priorities published in our research prospectus
  • Scholars and early-stage researchers pursuing innovative research. 
  • Out-of-cycle research which address urgent research needs.

Previous BRANZ Research

The Levy in Action document outlines our research investment each year. This includes: 

This section outlines stand alone research strategy themes outside of the four priority programmes.  

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