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  Good Repair Guide: Repainting Textured Finishes


For their successful use, texture-coated claddings - typically stucco, EIFS (exterior insulation and finishing system) or texture-coated flush-stopped fibre-cement - rely on good detailing and installation, a cavity, a coating to seal the surface against moisture penetration and regular maintenance of that coating to ensure the surface remains weatherproof. From 2005, a cavity became a requirement for stucco and EIFS or texture-coated fibre-cement where the building weathertightness risk exceeds 6; from 2011, a cavity became a requirement for all EIFS and flush-finished fibre-cement.

Other claddings with similar finishes include plastered masonry veneer, lightweight aerated concrete (also known as autoclaved aerated concrete, AAC) and polystyrene block walls, which have become more common since 2005, and a small number of plastered and lightly textured concrete masonry and concrete buildings.

Unfortunately, many owners of buildings with these cladding systems perceive them as being maintenance-free, and recoating work is not carried out as frequently as it should be. Also, while a coating may appear sound, the surface may in fact have worn off and be permeable to moisture as it becomes thinner.

Repainting over the texture is required as recommended by the coating manufacturer. Recoating intervals are typically every 3-5 years where a glaze coat has been applied and approximately 7-10 years for paint systems. The recoating interval may be more frequent for some systems - refer to the cladding system warranty and manufacturer's guidelines. Most current coating systems do not incorporate a clear glaze coat applied over the acrylic weatherproof coating.

Recoating to keep the substrate well protected may be necessary even if the appearance of the coating is still acceptable.

This book explains what textured-coated cladding systems are and it looks at the rules and regulations, health and safety, tools, recoating and maintenance of repainted textured finishes.