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  Auckland Atlas of Construction

Atlas(B).gifThe Auckland Atlas of Construction is a base resource for Auckland's construction sector.

It provides data on construction value-chain trends in the region, establishing a spatial and temporal baseline from which sector development progress can be identified and monitored. More about the atlas

The atlas set-up is simple and flexible so that it can be adjusted, expanded and detailed according to the needs of the sector. 

BuildingAct.gifBuilding Activity »
The construction sector produces and changes buildings and infrastructure, and the trends and distribution of building activity are key to capturing and understanding sector dynamics. Where are the main centres of activity? And what is the scale of production? 
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Trends.gifTrends in Industry Structure »
Location choice can be critical to business success because it influences transport costs. Is this true for parts of the construction industry and its supply chains?  The atlas provides a first view of the dynamics in the sector's spatial layout over time for the last decade. 
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Using the atlas

Each section provides structured access to a set of detailed information pages. Baseline information comes in three forms - maps, graphs and datasheets - available as downloadable PDF files.

Recommended browsers
The atlas can be viewed in all internet browsers (although Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari provide a better user experience) and on iPads and iPhones.

More about the atlas

To accommodate a growing population, Auckland needs more buildings. The Auckland Plan sets the vision and ambitions for Auckland's built environment, and making the plan a reality relies on its local construction sector.

The city's ambitions for building production reach beyond business as usual and therefore require an industry response - not a simple thing for a sector that is highly fragmented and contains over 70 separate trade organisations and professional bodies, reflecting the tremendous diversity of skills, professions and trades that are needed to sustain and improve a metropolitan built environment.

The construction sector is local and responds to local challenges, so needs a local information framework to understand its performance - the Auckland Atlas of Construction.

Data and analysis
The atlas has been produced by statistical and geographical analysis of combined data from a range of sources.

  • Industrial demography data was provided by Statistics New Zealand.
  • Polygons and the road network of the Auckland region were sourced from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), Statistics New Zealand and Olliver & Co Ltd. 
  • Building consent information came from Statistics New Zealand and What's On Ltd. 
  • Trend and transport analysis was performed on the BRANZ geographic information system using ESRI ARCGIS desktop 10.1 and Microsoft Access functionality and utilities.



Development of the atlas was funded by BRANZ from the Building Research Levy. 

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