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  Auckland Atlas of Construction

Atlas(B).gifThe Auckland Atlas of Construction is a base resource for Auckland's construction sector.

Due to limited data available between 2000 -2012, this tool is no longer available on our website. Any previous data available may be requested by emailing Matthew Curtis.  

The atlas consist of data on construction value-chain trends in the region, establishing a spatial and temporal baseline from which sector development progress can be identified and monitored.  

BuildingAct.gifBuilding Activity
The construction sector produces and changes buildings and infrastructure, and the trends and distribution of building activity are key to capturing and understanding sector dynamics. Where are the main centres of activity? And what is the scale of production? 


  • Construction of new residential buildings
  • Alteration of existing residential buildings
  • Construction of new non-residential buildings
  • Alteration of existing non-residential buildings


Trends.gifTrends in Industry Structure
Location choice can be critical to business success because it influences transport costs. Is this true for parts of the construction industry and its supply chains?  The atlas provides a first view of the dynamics in the sector's spatial layout over time for the last decade. 
ANZSIC groups and category

  • Client-orientated services
  • Building and construction
  • On-site serices
  • Building equipment, machinery and tools
  • Building products and supplies
  • Mining, transport and warehousing



Development of the atlas was funded by BRANZ from the Building Research Levy. 

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