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 Real Home Examples

The following 33 images were taken of recently built New Zealand homes. They highlight the successful application of well integrated universal design features, both within entry level and more upmarket homes. Click in the middle of the images to enlarge.

Universal design features incorporated within the example designs include:

  1. Wider access ways and thresholds
  2. Level transition zones both internally and externally
  3. Lever turn handles rather than knob handles for doors and windows
  4. The preference for drawers instead of cupboards for easy access
  5. Kitchens that are not walk-through (transition) zones
  6. Easy-to-use drawer handles
  7. The preference for drawers rather than cupboards, for ease of access
  8. Good task lighting in utility zones
  9. Well placed grab rails in bathroom areas
  10. Non-slip flooring. 

The images are kindly provided courtesy of LifeMark™. The very first image in the series is a Smarter Smaller Home, designed by CreativeArch in Auckland and built by Latitude Homes Auckland.

You are invited to contribute your own good design photos to be part of this gallery. Please contact us for further information.