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  Health and Safety

BRANZ is committed to the health and safety of our staff as well as those who enter our Judgeford site and work off site on our behalf.

Consistent with that commitment, BRANZ is working towards achieving tertiary level compliance to the ACC WSMP (Workplace Safety Management Practice) programme. 

General hazards on our site

BRANZ is an operational site, and visitors may encounter a number of potentially hazardous items. These include forklifts, trucks delivering and uplifting items, overhead cranes, welding and grinding operations, heat radiation from tests, trip hazards and chemicals.

Conditions of entry to our site

All people who enter our site must report to Reception, unless they are BRANZ staff or have been formally excluded from this requirement.

All drivers are to report to reception. Our receptionist will ascertain the drop-off point and the staff member to receive the delivery. Only when this has been done can the driver attend to the delivery.

Visitors - including clients and staff members friends and family
Visitors will receive a conditions of entry booklet. This sets out visitor safety information at BRANZ, general site safety, significant hazards and evacuation procedures.

Contractors and others undertaking work on BRANZs behalf - including clients and their contractors who come on site to construct or dismantle test specimens or similar activities
Contractors are required to undertake an induction prior to starting work, which is valid for 2 years. Where the contractor undertakes subsequent work that introduces new hazards, a job safety analysis will be required.

We may also undertake a review of contractors performance.

General health and safety matters

Our commitment to safety is also reinforced by:

  • safe work procedures for selected jobs
  • job safety analysis process for new work
  • hazards registers for each work area
  • free annual health checks for staff
  • EAP counselling.

More information

BRANZ Health and Safety Policy