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 Indoor Air Quality

Photocatalytic oxidiser

The stand-alone performance (rating) of photocatalytic oxidisers (PCOs) will be characterised in an environmental chamber manufactured by AgResearch. We will be looking at rates of:

  • breakdown of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including formaldehyde
  • denaturing of allergens
  • lethality to mould spores, bacteria and viruses.

Pollutants at a known concentration will be introduced into the chamber containing the PCO and the concentration of the pollutant measured in the exhaust stream of air, allowing calculation of the pollutant removal rate. In situ performance, including in classrooms, will then be compared to predictions from BRANZIAQ, BRANZ's indoor air quality model. The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capacity of BRANZIAQ will be vital to explore how air currents in the room affect optimum placements for these devices. This new understanding will be used to develop tools to calculate sizing, placement and so on required to meet design goals.