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  Renovate: Villas


The book Renovate villas is the first in a new series that will cover the renovation of houses from different eras.

Upcoming books will cover bungalows, art deco houses, 1940's and 1950's homes (including the iconic state house) and 1970's houses.

There are good books available on house style and history, and the new BRANZ books do not seek to replicate those. Ours are a technical resource.

The villas book is well illustrated with crystal clear drawings showing typical construction methods for framing, roofing, windows and interior building elements. The workings of double hung sash windows alone are shown in six drawings and two photographs.

Typical building materials and construction methods, including match lining, lath and plaster, pressed metal and moulded timbers are explained.

Common problems are outlined, with options given on the appropriate repair or renovation.

One chapter covers compliance paths, and gives five examples of renovation work where building consent is required. Each example takes you step-by-step through the building code clauses to be addressed, the performance criteria that apply, and the possible compliance paths that could be followed.

The books come out of a house renovation project launched by BRANZ in 2008. The project looked into the common problems encountered by architects, designers and builders on house renovation projects, and gaps in information.

The books will shortly be complemented by a website,