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  Designing for Maintenance

Buildings are complicated. As part of the design process, the building designer must balance a range of potentially conflicting considerations such as: client (owner/developer) attitudes to costs and maintenance. DfM_117x164.png

  • material and finish costs
  • material and finish performance
  • equipment cost and performance
  • environmental conditions, both internal and external
  • maintenance requirements and associated costs for the materials/components selected
  • complexity of design and detailing
  • aesthetics
  • access
  • the expected refurbishment cycles for the building
  • building use and potential changes in use during its life
  • potential changes in available technology
  • safety.

Design and construction quality can also have a significant impact on the life expectancy of a building's materials and components, as well as on the maintenance and renewal requirements.

The aim of this book is to outline maintenance issues that should be considered as part of the design process so that completed buildings are able to be effectively and economically maintained.