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  BU500 Optimising energy-efficient design of houses

BU500.jpgMany houses, including some newly constructed ones, could be warmer and more comfortable. The best solution is not just to search for energy-efficient heating appliances but to improve building thermal performance.

This bulletin explains how simple design improvements can result in warm houses in winter, cool houses in summer and greatly reduced levels of energy use. The measures in this bulletin can be applied to existing as well as new buildings, although they are easier (and often cheaper) to install in new buildings during construction.

The bulletin covers:

  • maximising insulation in new houses and existing houses
  • solar design
  • providing thermal mass
  • ventilation
  • water heating
  • heating and cooling appliances.

Publication date: August 2008 Keywords: design, double glazing, glass, glazing, heating, IGU, insulation, sustainability, ventilation