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  BU371 Particleboard flooring

BU371.jpgIn this bulletin, the term particleboard is used to describe a range of reconstituted wood board materials (or wood-based composites) marketed specifically for flooring under various trade names.

All such products are produced from debarked logs and wood residues that have been processed to small chips or fibres. Wax-based water repellents and resin are then added and the mix is heated and pressed to form purpose-made flooring sheets.

This bulletin looks at:

  • particleboard use
  • effects of moisture (during construction, in use and subfloor moisture)
  • health issues with formaldehyde
  • the effect of temperature
  • good construction practices
  • clear finishing
  • causes of damage.

Publication date: May 1998 Keywords: clear finish, floor, moisture, particleboard