Appraisal No. 496 2016

Appraisal Holder:
APCO Coatings (NZ) Ltd

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MPT Fibreclad System

Appraisal Number: 496 2016


MPT Fibreclad is a jointing and exterior plaster system for use as a finishing system for Monotek® Sheet - Cavity Construction.
The system consists of a fibreglass mesh reinforced jointing plaster, followed by a 1.0 - 5.0 mm thick levelling plaster with 400 mm wide fibreglass mesh reinforcing over sheet joints, followed by a 1 - 3 mm thick finishing plaster. The plaster system is finished with a high-build acrylic exterior paint system.

Technical Literature

  • MPT Fibreclad System Technical Manual, Version 3, dated 02.16
  • MPT Fibreclad System details MPT_F001, MPT_F021, MPT_F022, MPT_F031, MPT_F001, MPT_F032 and MPT_F041, all dated June 2015.
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