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CodeMark number: BRANZ-CM-1020

Date issued: 27 May 2020

ecoinsulation Blow-In External Wall


ecoinsulation Blow-In External Wall is a solution designed for retrofitting exterior walls with Supafil Frame insulation. The solution includes a building assessment, Masonry Protection Barrier installation for masonry walls, Supafil Frame insulation installation and a post-installation audit. Supafil Frame insulation is a water-repellent, loose-fill, fibrous glasswool thermal insulation product. Supafil Frame insulation is identified by branded bags with labels containing detailed product and batch information. The Masonry Protection Barrier is used to reduce water penetration through masonry veneer walls and is specified by Eco Insulation Systems Ltd.

Technical literature

  • ecoinsulation - Customer Guidance, Blow-In retrofit wall insulation, V1.0, 01/20.
  • ecoinsulation Blow-In Customer Guidance - Maintenance, V1.0, 01/20.

CodeMark holder

Eco Insulation Systems Ltd
Address: PO Box 77-059, Auckland 1350, New Zealand
Phone: 0800 400 326

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