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Appraisal number: 961 (2017)

Date issued: 14 Jul 2017


Thermofill is a pumped foam-concrete ground cover used to seal damp or wet ground in the subfloor space under buildings. The purpose of its application is to reduce moisture vapour rising up through the building, thus reducing indoor relative humidity.


Thermofill has been appraised for use as a ground cover vapour barrier for use in the subfloor space of buildings to reduce the moisture evaporating from the ground under the floor within the following scope:

  • As a vapour barrier for use in existing buildings.
  • As an alternative to the vapour barrier specified in NZS 3604 paragraph 6.14.3.

The installation of Thermofill must be carried out only by personnel authorised by Canterbury Foam Concrete Ltd.

Technical literature

Thermofill Technical Literature, version 1.2, April 2017

Consenting instructions

Always refer to the Appraisal in full and the technical literature.

Appraisal holder

Canterbury Foam Concrete Ltd
Phone: 03 376 4608

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