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Appraisal number: 908 (2016)

Date issued: 13 Apr 2016


The Dynex Soffit System consists of white uPVC boards used as exterior soffit linings. The boards are extruded with an interlocking tongue and groove profile that, when fitted together, resembles the finished look of traditional tongue and groove paneling. The system is complete with uPVC jointer and end cap accessories.


The Dynex Soffit System has been appraised for use as an external soffit lining for buildings within the following scope:

  • Constructed with timber framing in accordance with the scope limitations of NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1 paragraph 1.1.
  • Constructed with steel framing subject to specific engineering design with building height and floor plan area scope limitations of NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1.
  • Situated in NZS 3604 wind zones up to and including extra high.

Technical literature

  • Dynex Soffit Installation Guide, V03, March 2016
  • Dynex Soffit Installation Details SF01, SF02 and SF03, March 2016

Consenting instructions

Always refer to the Appraisal in full and the technical literature.

Appraisal holder

Dynex Extrusions Ltd
Phone: 09 828 2800

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