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Appraisal number: 903 (2018)

Date issued: 31 Aug 2018

Viking Roof Garden System


The Viking Roof Garden System is a fully bonded roof garden application for concrete roofs, incorporating Viking Enviroclad membrane, insulation board (optional), root barrier and drainage composite.


The Viking Roof Garden System has been appraised for use as a roof garden on buildings within the following scope: 

  • With substrates of suspended reinforced concrete.
  • With each structure the subject of specific structural engineering and weathertightness design.

The design and construction of the substrate and movement and control joints is the responsibility of the building designer and building contractor.

The design and an installation of the growing media and plants is the responsibility of the landscaping contractor and is outside the scope of the Appraisal.

The Viking Roof Garden System must be installed by Viking Roofspec approved applicators.

Technical literature

  • Specification 
  • Carlisle's RoofGarden, version 601766 Roof Garden Waterproofing, 1/2010
  • Viking Roofspec details, 14/05/2012:
    • RG04 Deep Roof Garden Assembly
    • RG05 Shallow Rood Garden Assembly
    • RG06 Medium Roof Garden Assembly
    • RG07 Strainer Box with Drain
    • RG08 Penetration
    • RG09 Planter Box
    • RG10 Pedestal system on Garden Edge

Consenting instructions

Always refer to the Appraisal in full and the technical Literature.

Appraisal holder

Viking Roofspec, a division of Viking Group Ltd
Phone: 0800 729 799

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