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Appraisal number: 798 (2019)

Date issued: 8 May 2019

BGC Duragroove™ and Durascape™ Facade Systems (Direct Fix)


The BGC Duragroove™ and Durascape™ Facade Systems (Direct Fix) are external, shiplap-jointed, wall cladding systems for residential and light commercial type buildings where domestic construction techniques are used.

The systems consist of vertically fixed Duragroove™ or Durascape™ sheets, flashings and accessories.

The systems are fixed direct to the external wall framing over a wall underlay and finished with a paint system.


BGC Duragroove™ and Durascape™ Facade Systems (Direct Fix) have been appraised as external wall cladding systems for buildings within the following scope:

  • The scope limitations of NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1 paragraph 1.1.
  • Constructed with timber framing complying with the NZBC.
  • With a risk score of 0-6 calculated in accordance with NZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1 Table 2.
  • Situated in NZS 3604 wind zones up to and including very high.

BGC Duragroove™ and Durascape™ Facade Systems (Direct Fix) are appraised for use with aluminium window and door joinery that is installed with vertical jambs and horizontal heads and sills. (The Appraisal of BGC Duragroove™ and Durascape™ Facade Systems (Direct Fix) relies on the joinery meeting the requirements of NZS 4211 for the relevant wind zone.)

Technical literature

  • Duragroove Facade System Brochure, September 2017
  • Architectural details, BGC Duragroove D03, D04, D06, D11, D13, D19, D20, D21, D22, D25, D31 and D33, November 2011

Consenting instructions

Always refer to the Appraisal in full and the technical literature.

Appraisal holder

BGC (Australia) Pty Ltd T/A BGC Fibre Cement
Phone: 0800 424 234

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